How to Get Help In Windows 10

how to get help In windows 10

Microsoft has introduced the “Get Help” feature in the Windows 10 in case users need support and even allows you to connect to their representative for live support to answer all of your how to get help in windows 10 questions.

Windows 10 has a built-in app called “Get Help” that answers many of your everyday problems. You can access the “Get Help” app by clicking on the start button and typing “Get Help” in the search bar and press enter or by clicking the “Get Help” app shortcut in the search result. Once the app opens, the virtual agent asks to describe your issue briefly in the chatbox, and it will then try to find your solutions. If your problem persists, you may then type “Talk to a Human” to get connected to the Microsoft support representative for further assistance.

If application-specific help is needed, you can always press F1 from within the app, and if you are looking for specific settings of Windows or an app, you can type your query in the start menu search bar. Windows 10 comes with Cortana virtual assistant. You can verbally ask her too for Windows related issues. Last but not least, Microsoft Support Website and Microsoft Community forums have a plethora of information regarding Windows and other Microsoft products, and you can open a thread there to get help from the Microsoft support team as well as community members.

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